Writing Problem and Solution Essay Topics

Examples of the Problem in Papers

The problem is a complex issue that has a theoretical as well as a practical focus. Its solution is realized in the process of writing the entire project, and not a separate part of it. In fact, when writing the final qualifying work, the student solves the problem formulated by him or her in the introduction.

The trick of the problem is hidden in its formulation, which is the use of scientific terms. To correctly define it, you need to understand the topic of the essay, to find out what was previously learned before you, and to think about what you can offer new to the issue. The main thing is to calculate the abilities, time and effort in determining the problem, clearly outline the future work on the project topic.

The problem of the research work is complicated by the progress of its disclosure, which requires the harmony of theory and practice. To the question you ask in the introduction, a qualitative answer must be thought out in advance, backed up with knowledge and experience.

For example, the theme of the essay “Pedagogical practice of the student as a means of forming the future teacher’s readiness for professional and pedagogical activity.” The problem of the study of the work is what are the pedagogical conditions for the formation of the future teacher’s readiness for professional and pedagogical activity? When writing the work, you will identify, study, and apply the pedagogical conditions in practice, examining their influence on the readiness indicator.

Another is example – the theme of the thesis “Development of software for monitoring progress in the educational institutions.” The problem of the study of the work is: What is the automation of accounting and monitoring the progress of students in an educational institution?” This work will be disclosed by you in the transfer of funds that allow to automate the educational process, the invention of a new tool, testing, and its further implementation in the educational institution.

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How to Correctly Choose the Problem of Work?

There are many problem and solution essay topics, and in order to choose the right one, it is important to study the material on the topic of the work in the form of various review articles. From them, you will learn the information about what was learned before you.

Secondly, try to make a list of problems that were not addressed earlier or not fully understood. Carefully analyze them, weighing all the pros and cons. Do not tackle the global all-encompassing problem. It should reflect the answer to one question, which you should be able to do. Essay Writing Service studybay

Thirdly, try to ensure that the problem reflects the topic of research, and not go beyond it. It is important to determine the direction of work and go the right way.

Do not choose problems that are difficult to solve. You need to understand the essence of the problem, be interested in it, have sufficient information on it, and you must have at least two or three ways for its successful solution. In this case, your choice of problem can be considered successful. After that, you can easily start writing composition.

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Structure of the Body of the Text

Once you choose one of the problem and solution essay topics, it is important to build the main part according to the laws of logic. You can move from simple statements to complex issues, you may make a synthesis or an analysis, or apply the technique of induction and deduction. To create a logical text, do the following:

Record the thesis

Choose for each thesis several arguments Line up them logically: one idea must follow the other This way, you will prepare a plan that will contain all the details of your work. You will have to add text to it and your essay will be almost ready. But before you start working on the text, check whether the theses are aligned in a logical sequence and whether the evidence is convincing enough.

Structure of a Problem and Solution Essay

Essays is a type of a creative task that combines the author’s individually emphasized position with a relaxed, often paradoxical exposition focused on colloquial speech.

It is a composition where author indicates his or her own thoughts, experiences, judgments, and intentions. They differ in genre or way of expressing thoughts and can be the following:

Description Narrative An explanation Reasoning Problem and solving

The essay is the type of exercise that completes the preparation for an independent presentation of thoughts and ideas. Writing an essay is preceded by making a plan, a summary, a summary of the text read, a summary of the content, an abstract, and papers on a series of texts.

Problem and solution essay topics present a discussion of problems and their solution.

The author raises the question and then makes his or her own suggestions describing the possible outcomes that his or her proposals may lead to.

Introduction. In the first paragraph, the question and the causes of the problem are posed. Main Body. In the second, third, and fourth paragraphs, proposals are put forward along with the expected results. Conclusion. The last paragraph summarizes the author’s views on the problem as a whole. Making a Plan

Any paper, a thesis, abstract, article, or essay, are supposed to have a clear structure. From many other student assignments, the essay is distinguished by freedom of creativity. Alas, we all know the more freedom, the more responsibility. Receiving this very freedom, you must think over the structure of the future essay yourself. The structure largely depends on the goals, the form, the type, and the amount of work. Problem-solution essay will begin with a problem, while an essay-illustration will start with one or several theses. Essays such as causal analysis will have to be built in accordance with the laws of logic.

The structure can be easily thought through. But it’s advisable to take a notepad and build a plan there. It is the skeleton of your work, where you will later add some content. It is required to have a plan for any paper, so its preparations is very important for the creation of a good essay.


The preamble and conclusion may mean the first and last several sentences. The first part of the text tells the reader about the course of the matter, demonstrates them the problem, which is dedicated to the work. Don’t write a long preamble – several paragraphs will do.

The Main Body

It needs most of your attention, especially when making a plan. The structure can vary and the following:

Thesis and argumentation and so on and on. Then, first concentrate on the thought, then we prove it. Reverse structure (facts-inference). Describe the event or offer facts, draw a conclusion. Continue so for several times. Thesis and several facts or arguments. Then, one idea is confirmed by several illustrations. The thesis can be both in the beginning and after these illustrations. Thesis is a short finished thought, which the author wants to convey to the reader of the essay. An argument is some proof of the thesis. This can be a situation from life, news, a scientist’s opinion, a scientific theory, or a fact proven by science.

Ideally, one argument should confirm two arguments. One may seem unconvincing to the readers, while three will overload the text. However, you are free to lead to your thesis any number of arguments – a lot depends on the very thought, the logic of the narrative, the volume, and the text plan. It is important to maintain the consistency, laconism and imagery of the text.


In the ending, generally, they sum up everything that was written in the paper. You summarize the results and present them to the audience. It is crucial for the conclusions not to be made up and appear out of nowhere. In the ending, there should be what the audience need to come to, after being familiarized with the main part of your work.


How to write a Conclusion?

In many works, the conclusion begins with the words “so...,” “summing up the results...,” “on the basis of the conducted studies....” Next, the tasks that were resolved in the course of the work done are indicated. It is also necessary to tell that it was not possible to investigate and reveal what problems occurred in this case, which hampered the research process.

Having described one of the problem and solution essay topics, the tasks accomplished and the goals achieved, it is necessary to shift attention to the results of the practical work contained in the second chapter of the work. The author should substantiate their significance, prove the necessity of introducing the actions proposed by him or her in practice, argue their personal opinion on the processes, phenomena, and ways of solving emerging problems.

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