Example on Preparado System and Cognitive Dissonance

Rakesh Kawan

International American University

BUS 527: Command and Organizational Behavior

Sushil Kumar Shorts

September 17, 2014

Analysis of the Case

Dispuesto System is one of many world's top graphic service provider established in 1990's. Following hitting the superb success and growth, the organization decided to hire a number of fresh employees creating new levels of supervisors and managers. The reason for the achievements of the system would be that the employees believe that the corporation recognizes staff and asked opinions regarding various things of the business which motivates the employees to perform their activity with total dedication and interest.

Impact of Electricity Shifting via Seller to Buyer

The advancement of technological, enhancements made on consumers need and require, competitors are definitely the major pieces affecting the listo program. The progressing technology has a major advantage that the organization can provide quality services and products faster and more efficiently. The Customer requirement and demands are also changing rapidly because of the technology advancement because buyer always tries to consume better things in cheap price. In today's context customers are more aware and conscious about their wellness. According to the growth of market the listo system was not capable to fulfill the requires of the market. According to the client needs and demands they were not able to create quality goods and services without the use of latest technology. Hence, the availability in the similar merchandise with less expensive price leads to increase in negotiating power of the client and to take in those merchandise and product which are of top quality with a affordable price. The increasing range of companies and competitors has created alternatives towards the customers. Therefore, customers demand of products that are cheaper and healthy has increased. And this leads to the power shifting from vendor to purchaser. External component affecting the Listo Program

In the global market, zero organization provides control over the external environment. But one should have the skull cap eyes over the environment to adopt over the changing environment. Regular Research regarding the market activities, customer demand, social clashes, Raw materials availability, Marketplace competition and so on are the key factors that affects the Listo system. Some of the environmental factors impacting on the Listo system happen to be listed below: 1 . Increased range of competitors on the market

2 . Growth in Technology.

3. Changes in customer's demands

4. Global market require

5. Organization expansions and Collaboration

6. More alternatives for customers

six. Increasing risks in terms of security and Robbery.

Summary and Conclusions

For almost any organization to operate successfully, a firm should have a look over the external Environment in regular basis. The exterior factors aren't under the control of any business so in case the company lacks to research onto it, the whole business tends to are unsuccessful.


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