Review upon International Women’s Day Essay

The video displayed, with its main topic ladies has a goal to provide the viewers variety fascinating facts and figures about all of the changes and developments that have influenced women inside the labor force and to aid people concede the contribution of women. Women have come from a really long journey when they were once getting neglected, covered up and set back many aspects with their lives. Now, the tides have changed. Over the past many years, women have been like very little birds traveling but haven’t been discovered by anyone yet. Nevertheless , those had been all in days gone by. To agree what the online video has showed, women are now soaring on eagle's wings, noticed and appreciated. By the 21st century, women are increasingly being treated while equals to males in all aspects of their lives, be it education, career choices, politics or perhaps being as being a working parent. To back again all these up, there have been progressively many female leaders all over the globe which includes Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany and the current president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff who have are a pair of the most important women on the globe as of 2013. Without a doubt which the video was well done, which has a positive meaning to convey nevertheless there were areas which were certainly not up to par and will also be pointed out afterwards.

Of the many strong points of the online video, the strongest is that the online video depicts the versatility and capabilities of women. This was clearly shown by video when it was exhibiting the many advantages of women in the 1900s which all of humankind is experiencing as of now. Furthermore, the video acknowledged the many factors in life girls were neglected from which are recognized and appreciated including the social, politics and financial aspects. Also, Kronos would an amazing task putting it together with low words and full of drawings so that it could be understood quickly by the public be it kids or adults. Conversely, great things need to come for an end. As mentioned above, there were...

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