Busn Lessons 1 Essay

Watch the next videos and answer the questions.

Michael Dell's Advice to Entrepreneurs (2: 27)—

What adjustments has Dell made just lately that shifts how the firm operates? He cut rates, improved customer care, changed processor chips coming from Intel to AMD and he exposed Dell shops so people can actually set their hands on the product.

How would you think these changes will be accepted by consumers? Since an owner of two Dell personal computers, I can say that the changes have already been a great improvement. I have always been an HP fan right up until recently. At Christmas I purchased my mother and granddaughter laptops. I chose a Dell because I actually felt she'd receive better service with it than the HP. Will they become successful changes? I really believe they will. Dell seems to be listening to advice from mistakes in the past.

What advice will Michael Dell offer to entrepreneurs? Be willing to experiment and to are unsuccessful, listen and look for break troughs.

Russell Simmons on Advancement and Organization (3: 28)

How can diversity benefit a firm? It can be of benefit in many ways. Employing diversity in a company can foster better more permissive attitudes. It can make a company more adaptable. A diverse company also offers the benefit of a broader selection of ideas which in turn can make the business flexible and improve service to customers.

How important is development in a company? If your company is certainly not innovative, your business will stagnate and expire. You must end up being willing to be creative. Being open minded to outside ideas and be happy to change and adapt if you need to. It's the only way you can survive with this day and age.

I I am the New Definition of a Business Woman - Ladies for Women International (6: 46)— Do nonprofit organizations influence the local, local, or national economy? I used to think the effect an organization got depended on the size and of the corporation. I believe given that it can include a much wider impact. Supporting someone nearby, enables them to thrive and contribute to contemporary society....

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