Theater Today Essay

Theatre Today


I have to say that general I really enjoyed Performance Blend. The physical theater was small , yet much larger than the last present that we noticed at Influence. After our first travel of the tiny theater, I actually didn't know very well what to expect of any play presently there. My first sight of the little theater was that it was incredibly bare, darker and small , and so it was interesting to see the stage with sets and actors lighted by the lamps. Since the movie theater was small , and the actors were easy to see. I should also comment on the sound. I thought the acoustics with this theater were just below average. Although the theater is small , and about the same size as the Ashby Level, the actors were a lot more difficult to notice, although the microphones did support quite a bit. I believed most of the performances were great; however I enjoyed a lot of them better than other folks. My favorites were The Boogeyman, Rhythms inside the Veins, and Playwriting tips: The Roof Lesson. I seriously enjoyed how Boogeyman began. First off, the play opened with the heavy sounds of hard rock/metal band Godsmack, and then then a intimidating story simply by from the big brother to his little close friend Timmy. During his terrifying story, I seriously liked the effect that the torch gave combined with strobe whizzes that lab-created lightning. I actually also enjoyed the sound effects that were found in the perform. For example I thought the leaning door was obviously a good impact. I thought the set was great. I not only appreciated the fact that you can see Timmy's bedroom plus the living place at the same time, I also enjoyed that the established was extremely functional. Such as I loved that the Boogeyman was able to vanish in and out of the closet and under the bed. This was a great effect. I also thought the costumes and props were good and appropriate. I do believe that the outfits of every actor or actress fit the smoothness very well. I think the Boogeyman's costume was great. He looked like a huge green booger; it was very funny if he came out intended for the 1st...

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