Language in Politics Dissertation

п»їAmanda Camden+

Dr . Adkins

English 104

November 13, 2013

Choose Your Phrases Wisely!

Select your phrases wisely! This can be a key phrase that is quite true about politics. Politicians choose their words properly because a single wrong word can cause them to get belittled and they may lose almost everything. Language or perhaps word choice are big parts of governmental policies. Every situation comes with new forms of vocabulary.

When a tragic event takes place, you see on the news a politician from that place. The politician's language decision must be chosen wisely before he or she talks before the community. A disaster is an event that causes trouble for a person or group of people. People are damaging. They have both lost someone or something in their lives. For example , the shooting at Sandy Lift Elementary School. There are twenty-six people killed through this horribly tragic event. 20 children about the ages six and seven were slain and half a dozen of their teachers were killed. The news with this event was heard throughout the country. The political physique of the nation, state, and town chatted of this horrific tragedy. President Barack Obama spoke at a prayer vigil pertaining to the twenty-six victims. Within Newtown, We come to offer the love and prayers of a nation. I am very mindful that mere terms cannot meet the absolute depths of your sadness, nor can they heal the wounded hearts. I can simply hope it can help for you to know that you're not alone in your tremendous grief; that our world too has recently been torn separate; that all throughout this area of mine, we have wept with you, we've pulled our kids tight. And also you must know that whatever way of measuring comfort we are able to provide, all of us will provide; whatsoever portion of sadness that we may share with you to help ease this heavy load, all of us will gladly bear it. Newtown — you are not alone. (Transcript: Leader Obama By Sandy Hook Prayer Vigil, 2) Just before he may even walk in the front of those video cameras his talk was planned and examined down to every word. It's that he'd say something rude or perhaps hurtful regarding anyone afflicted with the misfortune, but there are millions of people seeing and mourning the loss of life of these lovely innocent kids and the ladies who protected these people. People are angry and busted. Words that on a typical day means nothing at all; today means almost everything. For example , weapon control was an issue that was brought up after this function. When speaking to the people and friends of these victims this isn't anything you discuss right after the death of their love one. Various people would find this as attacking to the patients. Oh, we could now doing something to try to stop these kinds of tragic shooting because your loved one died. A parent of a beautiful little seven year old will not want to listen to that the time their very little baby was broodily killed. Referring back in President Obama's transcript through the prayer vigil, President Obama is offering comforting words and support towards the victims' families. He explains to the people in the Sandy Catch community they are not alone. The first words out of his mouth was comport and support, not what America should do regarding gun control. Another example is using the words psychologically unsound or clinical crazy. The last thing family members of a slanted human being would like to hear someone say it that a individual who just murdered their is psychological or perhaps clinical nearly anything. These words on average cause the person getting off for what they did. When you have an angry relative who merely lost a thing as valuable as a seven year old son or young lady, they want justice for their love one. So if you're a presidential candidate you don't want to go out there and use words like emotionally insane or perhaps psychotic as the people grieving can see this as you trying to help the killing get off of charges. We have a time and an area true presidential candidate talk and there is a time to become consoling. Politicians and their conversation advisors select their words and phrases wisely. We have a different method to speak of a tragedy versus speaking about the...

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