Essay about Divorce Is actually Bad for Kids?


Divorce is usually bad for children?

One of the most frequently asked questions " Is definitely divorce harmful to children? ”. There are numerous discussions about the consequences of divorce about children and a lot people and researches say that divorce provides a negative influence on kids. These kids have more mental and behavioral problems than children who live in married two-parent families. Certainly with that since I think that normal psychological development and well-being of kids are straight connected with whether the children develop up in divorced families or in committed two-parent families. There are many elements that account for why children in divorcing families may have problems, but I would like to focus on some of them such as parental loss and life anxiety. Firstly, the two parents are necessary for children, providing emotional support and sensible assistance. Children who increase up in two-parent families are happier and still have a greater well-being because they live in the atmosphere of affection, care and attention from both father and mother. Each parent provides their children all their knowledge, abilities and foster that are important for the formation of children's personality. Divorce often results in losing contact with a single parent and so a decrease of the knowledge, expertise and emotional support of these parent. Subsequently, divorce of parents is a big stress for the children. They understood only one universe where all their mother and father was obviously a unit. Although after divorce life is transformed, their community is damaged and as consequence they feel pain and further carry painful memories. You will find other emotional problems linked with changing house, conditions of living, changing the school, loss in friends. Therefore, children need to adjust to a fresh life that is obviously a large emotional anxiety for them. In addition, children could possibly be faced with insufficient attitudes of other kids who stay in two-parent people. Children may well feel a stress coming from understanding of these kinds of inequality...

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