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Copyright laws Student Homework A percentage of the price you paid for this work will probably be passed on for the author. Organization: City & Guilds Course: 6302 Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector PTLLS Unit: 1 Task: Theory 1 Terms: 1231 Subject: Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be being a teacher with regards to the teaching/training cycle. Like a teacher in Beauty Remedy I would have many roles and responsibilities many of which can be lesson planning, discovering a college students needs and referring college students to different agencies or perhaps services, to set goals and motivate learners, understand and respect college students, attend conferences so I can carry on to date with relevant guidebook lines and legislation concerning my subject matter in which I actually teach, to mention just a few. Educators require a large number of skills and qualities such as knowledge in the subject in which they instruct, confidence, staying organised and trustworthy. I also have a duty of care to my students to look after their particular health and basic safety in the environment in which I actually teach. I have to set restrictions within which in turn to job, in order to keep my student/teacher marriage on a specialist level and also to be able to deliver quality teaching within a safe environment. When it comes to the training cycle a teachers' role and responsibilities involve the following: Identifying needs It is essential I identify the requires of the subject matter and students in order to program lessons. Students' needs must be established from interviews, application forms, ice-breakers etc . Any special requirements could be picked up at this stage and planned for electronic. g. dyslexia, dysphasia and in addition any problems which may effect class position e. g. access, dedicated equipment and so forth I will consult with the student what he or she wants to achieve as well as how to go about this kind of, the aims are the methods taken to attain this end result. It is important to find out a pupils needs to do a suitable lessons plan. I will treat every student while an...

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