History of Traditional western Society Ch 13 Describe Research Paper

History of Traditional western Society Sixth Edition

Phase 13 Describe

I. The Evolution in the Italian Renaissance

A. Monetary growth laid the material basis

1 . Ethnic achievements of the 14th to 16th decades

2 . Northern Italian towns led the way

3. Advancements in ship construction greatly increased the quantity of goods that may be transported; advancements in the technicians of cruising accelerated acceleration 4. German renaissance came out in Florencia

a few. The economic foundations of Florence was so good that actually severe catastrophe could not damage the city six. Driving business, technical information, and competitive spirit noticed Florence through the difficult monetary period of the late 14th century M. Communes and Republics

1 . The Northern Italian cities were communes, sworn associations 2 . Groups linked by blood vessels, economic pursuits, and cultural connections three or more. A properly certification, years of residence within the metropolis, and sociable connections some. In the 15th century, politics power and elite culture entered within the princely process of law of despots and oligarchs C. The total amount of Electrical power Among the Italian City Claims

1 . Passionate attachment for their individual town states

2 . The kingdom of Bonita springs had long been disputed by Aragonese through the French. several. In the peace treaty fixed at Lodi in 1454, Venice received territories in return for recognizing Sforza's right to the duchy four. Renaissance Italians invented the machinery of modern diplomacy five. In a number of fiery sermons between 1491 and 1494, Savonarola attacked what he considered as the paganism and moral vice of the city 6. The invasion of Italy in 1494 by the French ruler Charles VIII 7. In 1508 his cousin and heir, John XII, formed the group of Cambrai II. Mental Hallmarks of the Renaissance

A. The Renaissance was seen as a self-conscious consciousness among the fourteenth and 15th century Italians 1 . Francesco Petrarch (1304-1374) considered the...

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