Debate Evaluation Research Paper

The president prospect whose rhetorical devices I selected to analyze was Mitt Romney's. Over the course of three debates Mitt Romney uses several rhetorical products, some supporting and some harming his campaign. Most of the rhetorical devices applied during the Home Policy debate are re-used in the Area Hall and Foreign Plan debate.

In the first presidential argument pertaining to Household Policy, Romney uses rhetorical devices such as diction, sarcasm, pathos, logos, ethos, euphemism, perspective, and analogy. In the second debate which was Area Hall, this individual uses rhetorical devices just like ethos, rappel, logos, perspective and salesmanship. In the last issue that addressed Foreign Policy Mitt Romney uses rhetorical equipment such as ethos, pathos, logos, argumentation, and euphuism. In the first debate, Mitt Romney uses sarcasm by simply responding to Director Obamas brief review about his anniversary, and saying that the President dreamed of the most intimate place for his birthday there with him. This is considered to be sarcastic because he understands if the chief executive had the ability he would use his wedding anniversary with his partner somewhere exceptional, rather than participating in a debate in front of thousands of people. Pathos utilized when Romney talked about the individuals in America who he had interactions with for events that explained to him how they happen to be struggling with obtaining jobs, and trying to maintain taking care of their children with no jobs in any way. One of the most mental lines that Romney cited from one of his proponents was: " Yesterday I was at a rally in Denver, and a women came up to her with a baby in her arms and said Ann, my husband has received 4 opportunities in 3 years (part-time jobs), and he merely lost his most recent task and we have now lost each of our home, is it possible to help us”. This become a huge hit to the feelings of the viewers because that they could have acquired sympathy just for this women and her family with this tough situation they are facing. Logos was one of the rhetorical...

The Empathy Gap in American Lower income Policy Article