Essay regarding Juries

History of the Jury System

Juries have been utilized in the legal system over 1000 years. Originally we were holding used for providing local know-how and info and served more while witnesses than decision – makers. By the middle of the 15th Century, juries had become impartial assessors and assumed their modern function as deciders of fact. Independence of the Jury

Bushell's Case (1670) – jurors refused to convict Quaker activists of unlawful assemblage. The trial judge would not accept the ‘not guilty' verdict and ordered the jurors to resume all their deliberations with no food or perhaps drink. If the jurors persisted in their refusal to convict, the court docket fined them and fully commited them to prison until the fees were paid out. On appeal, the The courtroom of Common Pleas bought the release from the jurors keeping that jurors could not become punished because of their verdict -- This established that the court were the only arbiters of fact and the judge wasn't able to challenge their decision. R v McKenna (1960) – in this case the judge with the trial got threatened the jury if they did not return which has a verdict within just 10 minutes they can be locked up through the night. The court returned having a verdict of guilty nevertheless the defendant's confidence was quashed on charm because of the judge's interference. Present day Use of Juries

Only a small percentage of situations are tried out by Court today.

Juries are used in the following tennis courts:

Court docket

Type of Case


Volume of Jury

Crown Court

Critical Criminal Instances: e. g. murder, drug trafficking, rape

Determine the judgement - Responsible or Not Guilty


Substantial Court

Defamation, False Imprisonment, Malicious prosecution and any kind of case alleging fraud Make a decision Liability. If fined intended for the claimant also determine amount of damages. 12

County Court

Defamation, False Imprisonment, Harmful prosecution and any circumstance alleging fraudulence Decide Legal responsibility. If fined for the claimant as well decide volume of problems. 8

Coroners' Court

Fatalities: In Jail, In law enforcement officials custody, By using a industrial incident, where health and safety of public can be involved Make a decision Cause of fatality

7 to 11

Juries in criminal cases:

The most important use of juries today is a Crown Court where they decide whether or not the defendant is guilty or perhaps not guilty. Jury trials take into account less than 1% of all lawbreaker trials. The reason is , 97% of criminal trials are addressed in the Magistrates' Court associated with the cases that visit the Crown The courtroom about two out of every 3 defendants confess. Juries in civil cases: juries in civil cases are now just used in limited circumstances nevertheless where they can be used they have a dual part. They determine whether the claimant has proven his circumstance or not, then, if perhaps they make a decision that the claimant has received the case, the jury likewise go on to make the decision the amount of problems that the accused should pay out to the claimant. A court can be declined if the evaluate feels the situation involves challenging documents or perhaps accounts or scientific proof and is consequently thought to be faulty for jury trial.

Juries in the Coroners' Legal courts: in these courts a jury of among 7 and 11 people may be used to enquire into fatalities. Since 1977 a coroner has ceased to be obliged to summon a jury to make the decision cases including road injuries or suspected homicide. This individual has the acumen as to whether a jury should be used in this kind of cases. Jury Qualification

Before the Morris Committee survey in 1972 upon Jury service you necessary a property qualification to be a juror this intended being the particular owner or tenant of a house. This resulted in women and young adults were less likely to own or rent real estate and were prevented from serving on the jury. The qualifications intended for jury support were increased in the Lawbreaker Justice Act 1972 and were based for the right to have your vote. The present certification are define in the Juries Act mid 1970s so that to qualify for jury service a person must be: Aged among 18 and 70

Registered to election – as being a parliamentary or local government votante Resident in...

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