Essay about My Two Cities Final

My Two Cities

Kinnery Limbachia

Adventist University of Health Sciences

My Two Urban centers

You will discover two cities that I have experienced the privilege to contact " home” in my life. One of these is Orlando, Florida as well as the other place is Livingstone located in Nyimba, zambia, Africa. When comparing them they could seem considerably different, nevertheless both cities have a number of things in accordance as well, and i also love they are all dearly.

There are many reasons Orlando is very totally different from Livingstone. One particular main difference between the two is that Orlando, florida is located in the usa of America, which is a 1st world nation and Livingstone is located in The african continent, which is a third world country. Therefore , Livingstone is less technologically advanced and a lot more lower income. Although it may well not seem the highest being within a third world region, Livingstone absolutely has some wonderful perks. For example , it has Victoria Falls, which is one of the eight great normal wonders of the world. You can also go on local safaris there and find out animals up close such as elephants, elephants, cheetahs, hippos etc. Orlando, offers Walt Disney World, one of the biggest idea parks in the world. It also has its own other theme parks just like Universal and Epcot and lots of other sightseeing attractions. Another great issue about Orlando, florida is that it is just about an hour refuse from the beach, where as Livingstone is surrounded by other countries so there are no beaches close by. Orlando has a down-town, where there are a lot of sky scrapers and a mixture of everything including big corporations, restaurants, parks, and a nightlife field. In Livingstone, there is no the downtown area or sky scrapers, although there is the location called " town”, which is where all of the local web based located. Livingstone is a very small city, as a result everything is around a five to five minute drive away and every day time the local businesses close around five in the evening. Everyone generally there lives an attractive...

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