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HES1230 Components and Procedures

Materials and Processes Variety Assignment

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Table of articles


Sports and entertainment equipment selection

Selection you: Bicycle body

Brief explanation

Properties essential

Selected material: Carbon fibre


Advantages and disadvantages in comparison to other materials

Durability issues

Control technique

Variety 2: Football bat

Simple description

Real estate required

Chosen material: Aluminium


Benefits and drawbacks compared to other materials

Sustainability issues

Processing strategy

Sports and recreation equipment selection

Variety 1: Bicycle frame

Simple description

Bicycle frame is definitely the core component to bicycle.

Properties essential

1 . Low density = light weight

2 . High strength

3. High corrosion resistance

4. High sturdiness

5. Substantial fatigue limit

6. Sustainable

Frame elements

Some of the materials that are used to generate bicycle frames include Steel, Aluminium alloys, Titanium and Carbon fibre. Under is a brief description of Steel, Aluminum and Titanium in relation to bicycle frames. Afterwards is a more in depth study and comparison of each of the different real estate of a bike frame underneath the candidate components. This will supply the basis for selecting the best material for the position. Steel –Steel is the most widely used material in bike casings. They are strong, easy to job, and relatively inexpensive, but denser and thus generally heavier than many other structural materials. Stainlesss steel frames are usually built employing various types of steel metals including chromoly. Chromoly is usually light, strong steel. Launched butted and shaped to take off excess weight, it can produce fairly light frame that will last through years of hard use. Chromoly is reactive and offers very good flex while keeping its form. Aluminium- Aluminium has a lower density and lower durability compared with stainlesss steel alloys. They will, however , possess a better strength-to-weight ratio, providing them with notable excess weight advantages over steel. Aluminum's attractive durability to pounds ratio as compared to steel, and certain mechanical properties, assure it a place among the favorite frame-building supplies. Titanium – Titanium combines many desired characteristics, including a high strength to weight rate and good corrosion level of resistance. Reasonable stiffness, roughly fifty percent that of steel, allows for a large number of titanium casings to be designed with " standard" tube sizes comparable to a regular steel shape, although bigger diameter tubing is becoming more prevalent for more rigidity. Carbon Fibre – Carbon fiber composite is a preferred non-metallic material commonly used for bicycle structures. Although expensive, it is light-weight, corrosion-resistant and strong, and is formed in to almost any shape desired. The result is a frame that can be fine-tuned for specific strength where it is required to withstand pedaling forces, when allowing flexibility in other frame sections for comfort. For us to help make the best choice of the material, the many properties have to fist be used in detail and comparisons produced between the several candidates. The properties include the weight, the skills, the corrosion resistance, the toughness, fatigue limit plus the sustainability. All these are placed into consideration along the way of material selection. After which, we shall base upon our studies to select the very best candidate for our bike frame. The strength:

The strength of a material is definitely its capability to withstand a great applied weight without permanent distortion or perhaps failure. This is a very important feature when picking out a material for your purpose, a bicycle framework in this case. The weight:

Corrosion resistance:...

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