Philippines and Rizal H Time Dissertation

Subject matter: Rizal 101 – Existence and Works of Rizal

Topic: The World and The Philippines in Rizal's Time

Instructor: Mrs. Gemma B. Somera

Reporters: Flordeliza Ancheta

Elda Galleta

Jenalyn Josue

Julius Jaramilla

Sally Jean Domenden

Course/Year: BEED III


nineteenth Century

-- Rizal was born and brought up in a length of massive within Europe, Spain and the Korea.

- During this time, the wonder and power of Spain got waned in both in her colonies as well as the world.

- Social scientists marked this period while the birthday of modern life and also the birth of a large number of nation says around the world. The birth of modern quality was brought on by three great revolutions around the globe: the Industrial Innovation in England, french Revolution plus the American Wave.


is a term used to describe a time in Western philosophy and ethnical life centered upon those days in which purpose was recommended as the primary source and legitimacy for authority.

The Philippines During Rizal's Time

These will be the relevant incidents and conditions of the Israel before, during and after Rizal's time which will contributed to the introduction of Filipino nationalism. SOCIAL SYSTEM

-Before the Spanish cure in 1565, Filipino experienced their own local culture, authorities and religion. -The The spanish language colonizers compelled them to agree to foreign traditions and Catholicism. -Filipinos dropped their ancestral lands towards the colonial experts by way of the recomendacion system. " Limpieza de Sangre”

A doctrine meaning Purity of Blood which are brought by the Spaniards in the Philippines, thus creating a cultural ranking amongst various groupings, namely: Spanish peninsulares, insulares, Spanish mestizos, the town lording it over class, the native elites, the Chinese language mestizos and the indios referring to the local people.


-Spain governed the Philippines through the Ministry of the Colonies (Ministro para Ultramar) located in Madrid. -The Governor-general went the central government who had been appointed by King of Spain. He was the King's representative in governmental concerns and was the Alcaldia or comarcal government who had been headed by an alcalde mayor. -The pueblo, composed of the barangays was the county unit. -The gobernadorcillo was your chief executive and chief judge. -The smallest political unit was the barangay (barrio) headed by a cabeza de barangay. -The custodia civil was a corps of native authorities led simply by Spanish officers.


-The first colleges established had been parochial colleges with the The spanish language missionaries since teachers. Fear of God was emphasized and obedience to the friars was instilled for the people. Teacher discrimination against Filipinos was present in the greater levels of learning. Educational Rule of 1863

The majority of the friars assigned to implement this decree were against the teaching of The spanish language in the colony. FRAILROCRACIA

-Meaning " Regulation of the Friars”.

-An invincible government spawned inside the colony which has been practiced by simply almost complete monarchial says. 1849-1898

-- 45 governor-generals had been designated to the colony and each one of these sought the counsel from the friars.


-In 1834, Spain, following the financial policy of other European countries, officially opened Manila to world business. 1834 to 1873

-- more jacks were exposed to overseas trading just like Sual, Iloilo, Zamboanga, Cebu and Legazpi. This stimulated vigorous monetary activity in the colony that brought success to some Filipinos and as a result, generally there emerged a fresh class: the Filipino middle class.


Nov 17, 1869

- Suez Canal was opened to international delivery.

- ciento tres miles extended connecting the Mediterranean towards the Gulf of Suez...

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