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Rirodan Production Telephony and Data Network Upgrade Pitch Team A


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Rirodan Manufacturing Telephony and Data Network Upgrade Proposal Group A is usually proposing a comprehensive upgrade to Riordan's cellphone and data networks. Our proposal covers a description in the new program, its components and rewards to Riordan, as well as explain the requirements driving the need for the upgrade. We all will cover the info used in the phone and info upgrades and discuss virtually any security and ethical concerns of the system. We will be offering Riordan with diagrams info flow and system components and business procedure changes incurred with the setup of the new system. We all will review the web and mobile gain access to elements of the brand new phone and data systems and how the program will be bought and managed. We can discuss the strategic function the system will play in the business and certain requirement driving the projects creation and use. General, we will show a convincing and convincing presentation, justifying the costs and changes associated with upgrading Riordan current voice-data networks. Riordan's Telephone, Info, and Application Needs

Riordan needs a built-in communication system to remain competitive and relevant in today's business environment. Riordan's current mobile phone and info systems will be segregated and antiquated. The switch to Cisco's Unified Marketing communications Manager above the current Voice over ip configuration enables Riordan to fully communicate inside its own organizations and generate new chances for the company. Riordan's bandwidth is slow compared to the current speed provided by telecom providers and will must be improved upon. Riordan is also looking for new info management software that can help improvements to employee, consumer, sales, and company info administration. Riordan is also needing improved protection protocols, computer software encryption, and procedures against network secureness violations. The primary need for the upgrade to a new strategy is to take Riordan to the next level of communications among not only it is employees, nevertheless clients too. The update will make Riordan's current ancient voice and data system more streamlined, easier to troubleshoot, and most notably, make that more cost effective, and secure Tools and Software Upgrades

The upgrade to Riordan's voice and data network will be centered on improving three of the companies devices. We are suggesting changing Riordan's current VOICE OVER IP set-up to Cisco's Single Communications Supervisor (CUCM). This kind of VOIP update will require improvements in the current voice and data software and hardware. These types of upgrades is likely to make it important to increase Riordan's bandwidth, WAN, and LOCAL AREA NETWORK capabilities. All of these improvements is not going to increase effectiveness in phone and data transactions; we all suggest that the upgrades raises overall output at Riordan Manufacturing. CISCO's Unified Communications Manager is usually an integrated sales and marketing communications application which could handle not merely VOIP orders, but video telephony, data sharing, incorporation of instant messaging services, and mobility applications as well. CUCM will need to be installed on all Computers in all 4 of Riordan's locations. The minimum program requirements intended for PC installation is; a Windows operating-system of XP OR 7 or higher (we are promoting Windows 7 or eight if released by install date), a processor of just one. 8 Gigahertz Pentium Dual Core or perhaps faster, and a system storage of TWO GB of Ram or increased. Riordan's PERSONAL COMPUTER capabilities are in need of serious upgrade, it is the advice of Team A that Riordan up grade all PCs and Mac pcs, regardless of the decision to up grade the phone and data systems. The COMPUTER software will allow all PCs to become VOICE OVER IP softphones in the event of physical cellphone failure. The individual CUCM computer software will gain users access to its personal communicator instant messaging services, which are capable of integrating the...

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