The Future Universe Essay

Prompt 2 . Magazine articleMost people would think a future world means a better community, but We dont acknowledge. The future community doesnt necessarily indicate a better world. It would be a lot better because of the technology and medication that will be made, but it is also bad due to drought and over population.

When ever most people think of the future, they think of traveling by air cars and things to do with technology. Every one of the houses will probably be big and you will be able to create new opportunities, shut the blinds and be your TV SET on only with your tone. Technology will just do almost everything for them. Yet how can we be sure of these? We dont know that this will likely actually happen, we are merely predicting that. Technology will keep on bettering to help all of us with our lives and generate it easier and more successful, but when would it be starting to head to far? We all dont want technology doing everything for all of us.

A really good great about the future is with medicines. We have so many of doctors and researchers working on getting cures intended for sickness. In the foreseeable future we may have cures intended for cancer, loss of sight, deafness and a whole lot more. You have access to injections since a child and be able to stop getting this kind of diseases at the. g. Cancer and diabetes. It could be a unsick world where everything can be eliminated. But then again we cant become to sure of this, the all up to the hard working doctors and scientists to get the cures. They may never be seen.

Think of the earth in the film Gattaca for those who have seen that. In the whole film I couldnt spot a natural thing. Everything was man made, and its demonstrating us the particular predicted foreseeable future is like. Just how our cities are broadening at the moment, right now there wont always be any area without a factory, house or something created by man upon it. We wont be able to get and view the beautiful surrounding because of property clearing. Another environmental issue is the drought we are currently in. Whenever we keep using water how we are now there will be none left in the future, all...

I. Title of the Document: Buwan Ng Wika Resource: Philippine Daily Inquirer Time: August twenty six, 2011 Webpage: Na by Armida Siguion-Reyna Essay